Honolulu Hawaii Rent-A-Car

Honolulu Hawaii Rent-A-Car offers long term leasing according to the following
  • Minimum 6 months rental or more.
  • We only rent to customers who has a car with Full Coverage car insurance policy,
    if you don't have it, then you will have to buy a new policy for the rental car.
  • We oversee all maintenance and repairs for rental vehicles.
Renters are responsible for any damage to the vehicle body, paint,
or interior.

Option 1: Cars with our Insurance.

Type 1 car - $366.49  for 30 days.
Type 2 car - $392.67 for 30 days.
Type 3 - caravan $392.67 for 30 days.
Rates include taxes, car registration and safety check fees.

Option 2: Cars without Insurance.
You have to buy Insurance for the car, kind of like you bought an additional car and need
to add this to your Insurance Policy as additional car.
Insurance must be a Full or Comprehensive Coverage type policy.
Must name Tom's Auto LLC as Lien Holder/Lost Payee and as Additional Insurer on your
insurance policy.
You will be listed as the registered Owner. Tom's Auto LLC will be Lien Holder.

Type 1 car - $288/month.
Type 2 car - $300/month.
Type 3 - caravan $300/month.
Rates include registration and safety check fees.

  • $450.00  deposit required.
  • Payments are due beginning of the month.
  • We accept only credit or debit cards.
  • Commercial or Business will cost a little more.

  • Rates apply to personal use only, not for commercial.
  • Must have good credit rating, customer will provide a copy of report.
We have long-term leasing available. See below for conditions of use.